We all want to help Indigenous Australians in disadvantaged communities. However, this Voice is not the answer.

It would enshrine a Voice in the Constitution, with few limits to its scope and few details.

This Voice is legally risky, with unknown consequences. It would be permanent.

If you don’t know, say no.
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This would be the biggest constitutional change in our history
No issue is beyond its scope.

This Voice risks legal challenges, delays and dysfunctional government.
The Government won’t reveal key details before the vote.

It opens the door for activists.
Once it’s in the Constitution it won’t be undone.

We’ll be stuck with the negative consequences forever.
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Labor's proposed Voice model isn't just to the Parliament, but to all areas of "Executive Government".
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This Voice is legally risky

Australia’s Constitution is our most important legal document. Every word can be open to interpretation.

Australia hasn’t changed its Constitution since 1977. This would be the biggest change to our democracy in Australia’s history.

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There are no details

This is a big decision. However, the Government won’t reveal key details before the vote.

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It divides us

Enshrining in our Constitution a body for only one group of Australians means permanently dividing Australians.

Many Indigenous Australians do not agree with this.

This Voice will not unite us, it will divide us by race.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians and Warlpiri woman
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It won't help Indigenous Australians

We all want to help Indigenous Australians in disadvantaged communities, to close the gap and achieve reconciliation.

However, more bureaucracy is not the answer.

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No issue is beyond its scope

This Voice model isn’t just to the Parliament, it goes much further – to all areas of “Executive Government”. That includes all government departments, agencies and other bodies (like the Reserve Bank).

Decisions in relation to the economy, national security, infrastructure, health, education and more, would all be within its scope.

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It risks delay & dysfunction

The Australian Parliament deals with hundreds of pieces of legislation a year.

This Voice’s scope goes beyond Parliament, covering departments, agencies and all areas of “Executive Government”.

How would the Voice handle this?

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It opens the door for activists

The legal uncertainty and the absence of details raises the question: what comes next?

Some Voice supporters are upfront in saying this Voice will be a first step to reparations and compensation and other radical changes.

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It will be costly and bureaucratic

We don’t know how much additional funding would be allocated to this Voice.

That’s another detail that would only be determined after the referendum.

There are currently hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative bodies at all levels of government.

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This Voice will be permanent

This Voice is not a trial or pilot program. It will not be in legislation that can be reversed.

Once it is in the Constitution it won’t be undone.

Once the High Court makes an interpretation, Parliament can’t overrule it.

We will be stuck with the negative consequences forever.

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There are better ways forward

This referendum is not about simply recognising Indigenous Australians in the Constitution.

That can be achieved without tying it to a risky, unknown and permanent Voice.

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Key Quotes
About The Voice

“I would foresee a decade or more of constitutional and administrative law litigation arising out of a voice…”
Ian Callinan
Former High Court Judge
The Australian, 17/12/2022
“I think it’s fatally flawed because what it does is retain the full range of review of executive action. This means the Voice can comment on everything from submarines to parking tickets. We will have regular judicial interventions.”
Prof Greg Craven
Constitutional Law Expert and Voice supporter
Daily Mail, 23/03/2023
“The potential for great irremediable harm to Australian society means the voice should never be incorporated into the Australian Constitution…”
Terrance Cole
Former NSW Supreme Court Judge
Submission to Inquiry into the Voice Referendum, 19/04/2023
“This Voice will not unite us, it will divide us.”
Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs
“How can Australians possibly agree to something where we don’t know the detail?”
Senator Kerrynne Liddle
Shadow Minister for Child Protection and the Prevention of Family Violence
“What is being proposed is a Voice that can speak to every part of the federal government, with the potential for recommendations to be litigated if they are rejected. This could create a constitutional quagmire.”
John Howard
Former Prime Minister

Don't know? Say no.

This is a very important decision. Unfortunately, the legitimate questions and concerns of many Australians have been dismissed.

Fortunately, this referendum won’t be decided by politicians, corporations or celebrities.

It will be decided by every Australian. It affects every Australian.

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